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Our website: Best Fire Gear was created by experts in the industry to help firefighters and EMS personnel find the best fire gear. We offer articles on a variety of fire gear and fire protection equipment. These include how-to articles, informative articles, and other fire equipment reviews. We have listed our favorite fire gear resources and fire equipment products for those in the fire fighting and medical related fields. We hope you find our site useful! Thank you for visiting our site and good luck!

Blauer Uniforms
Blauer- Blauer is one of the most proven and trusted fire uniform manufacturers. In this Blauer uniforms review, Best Fire Gear is going to give you an overview of all the different types of fire uniforms that Blauer makes. Blauer uniform review!
Thorogood Hellfire Boots
Thorogood Hellfire- One of the best known names in the fire boot industry is Thorogood. Thorogood has created the Hellfire series which are some of the best fire boots. This Thorogood Hellfire review is going to discuss all the different models.
Phenix Technology
Phenix Fire Helmets- Phenix fire helmets are just one of the many types of fire helmets. An important piece of fire gear for a firefighter is their fire helmet. Read this Phenix fire helmets review by Best Fire Gear to learn about their fire helmets.
Fire-Dex Gloves
Fire-Dex Gloves- Some of the best fire gloves are made by Fire-Dex. In this Fire-Dex fire gloves review, Best Fire Gear will take a look at some of the most popular Fire-Dex fire gloves, both NFPA complaint and non complaint. Fire-Dex gloves!
First Alert Fire Extinguishers
First Alert Fire Extinguishers- One of the most popular brands of fire extinguishers is First Alert. First Alert is about fire safety and makes some of the best fire extinguishers and best smoke detectors. Enjoy our Fire Alert fire extinguishers review.
American Firewear
American Firewear- American Firewear is well known in the fire turnout industry. They make several different types of fire turnouts, all of which are good. Best Fire Gear has broken down all the different types of American Firewear turnouts in our review.
Kidde Smoke Detectors
Kidde Smoke Detectors- Kidde is one of the best known names when it comes to smoke detectors. This Kidde review is going to give you an overview of all the Kidde smoke detectors including the prices of Kidde smoke detectors. Kidde smoke detectors review!
Smoke Detectors vs. Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Smoke Detectors vs Carbon Monoxide Detectors- A lot of people are still just using smoke detectors when carbon monoxide posses a great threat also. Best Fire Gear has written this tutorial on smoke detectors vs carbon monoxide detectors to educate you.
Surefire Flashlights
Surefire Flashlights- Surefire flashlights are some of the best police flashlights & fire flashlights. The Surefire flashlights are very reliable and come in many styles to fit all your fire gear needs. Read this Surefire flashlights review for more info.